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Novation // SL MkIII - Performance

  October 10, 2018  ~    4.69 MB
Novation // SL MkIII - Performance




Check out our first SL MkIII performance.

Calc’s performance was completely live and the arrangement was created solely on the SL MkIII in realtime. The performance starts with a piano sound from a software plug in being controlled by an irregular arpeggiator pattern on the SL MkIII. The Elektron Octatrack then provides some sampled beats and is controlled directly from the mapping template on the SL. Drum patterns and musical lines are developed as the synths come in and a melody is recorded live into the sequencer from the keyboard. The performance then transitions to a second section which is based around interplay between a Peak bass line and a powerful ARP2600 bass line totally sequenced in the CV world. Before we return to a final section and the piece breaks back down to where it started with an arpeggiated piano line. As stated earlier, the only sequencer used was the SL MKIII!
SL MkIII was sequencing:
Spitfire Audio Labs – Soft piano plugin connected with the USB MIDI
The MIDI DIN connected the following:
Elektron Octatrack connected
Roland SP404 running through an Oto Boum
Dreadbox Abyss
Juno 106
Preen FM2
Novation Peak
The ARP 2600 was connected by the CV/Gate and the filter was controlled and automated by the Mod CV output of SL MKIII
All audio ran into a Mackie 1604VLZ mixer and was recorded with a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX interface into Logic

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